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Kara Comparetto is the founder of Prodigy Piano, and is an experienced and well-established piano teacher in Concord, NH. Follow the link below to check our availability, or to schedule a free interview.

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Prodigy Piano Instruction offers private piano lessons for all ages and all levels.  The goal of our integrated program is not merely to teach students, but to motivate them and keep them playing the piano for life. This involves building a musical foundation that touches on all aspects of making music at the piano, including:

  • rhythmic development — possibly the most important aspect of music, and essential for making a connection with the notes on the page;
  • music appreciation — hearing and learning to love great music;
  • sight reading — learning to translate the written page, even an unfamiliar piece, into music they can enjoy;
  • ear training — music is “art for the ears,” and one can play music only as well as he or she can hear it;
  • composition and improvisation — experiencing the joy of creating new music

Piano Lessons in Concord, NH